AQUATABS® Water Purification Tablets.
    AQUATABS® are an internationally recognized brand of water purification tablets that have been tried and tested in a wide range of natural and polluted water sources by major militaries, NGO's and international aid agencies such as the US Marines, NATO, WHO and Red Cross.

    When added to water AQUATABS® water purification tablets dissolve to release a measured dose of Hypochlorous acid (free available chlorine) that is universally recognized as a safe and effective water disinfectant. However, this unique water purification tablet, while chlorine based, will not colour the water or leave objectionable chemical tastes.

    AQUATABS'® active ingredient, NaDCC (ACL60) is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 and has been approved / registered for drinking water treatment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). AQUATABS® are produced to GMP pharmaceutical standards by Medentech Ltd.,, an ISO 9001/2000 quality-assured company.

Features and Benefits
* No unpleasant taste, odour or colour, Iodine free water purification tablets.
* Simple to use "unit dosage" tablet format.
* Safe and stable tablets - 5 year shelf life.
* Compact tablets, safe transport approved.
* Tablets produce measurable residual free chlorine activity.
* Tablets are Inexpensive, low cost per L.
* Tablets are effective against Giardia, bacteria, virus and other waterborne disease.
* Available in a wide selection of tablet sizes from 1 L to 1,200 L.
* Produced to GMP pharmaceutical standards by an ISO 9001/2000 quality-assured company.
* Sealed in durable foil packs marked with both a BN # and 5 Year Expiry date.
* Non allergenic as compared to Iodine water purification tablets.