HYDREMA 910 Mine Clearing Vechicle

Company Link: HYDREMA

910 MCV is tested against live mines up to 10 kg of explosives (TNT)
Self-supporting cabin built up as a one-piece welded construction. Armoured against 7.62 AP fire
Eight big heated armoured glass screens giving the best view under all conditions, also armoured against 7.62 AP fire
Electronic joystick operation of the most important flail functions built into the arm rest for easy and safe operation
Optional change of all hydraulic functions between engines, including emergency hydrostatic drive. Therefore, the vehicle can always be hanged into transport position and escape from the mine field
Two separate fuel tanks
Fire extinguishing systems manually operated from the cabin - for fire extinguishing in both engine compartments

Can drive into a C-130 Hercules aircraft for transportation at international operations. A few minutes after disembarkment mine clearing an begin
50% of the MCV can be damaged and the vehicle can still be repaired because of the pivot steering
Driving on roads at an average speed of 40 km/h

910 MCV is tested against live mines up to 10 kg explosives Preparation of the vehicle for mine clearing in a few minutes without using tools
3.5 m wide clearing flail and deflector
Driving speed
Road: 0-40 km/h
Clearing: 0-12 km/h

Low noise level
Up to three comfort seats with suspension and individual length/height adjustment
Spacious operator environment with room for additional equipment
Heating and air condition system in the cabin
Electronic supervision of important operating parameters. Active stop in case of errors. Acoustic alarm and pilot lamps for all other operating parameters

Two separate engines
Pivot steering - front and rear wheels drive in the same track
6-speed powershift transmission as well as hydrostatic drive unit for mine clearing
Continuos variable rotation speed for the flail
Rotation of the flail in both directions
Automatic yaw system
Computer controlled depth and shield pressure